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"Counseling is given by extremely authentic and experienced psychologists. You can reach out to them for any kind of psychological services, therapy and training services"

Rohith R

"She is an expert and offered solutions to many people. I recommend her service"

Punitha Thangarajan

Highly dedicated person, heading the organization

Padmanabhan Sathyanarayanan

Internship Feedbacks from Psychology Students 

I feel like I choose the right place.
Mam was so calm and she was more conscious about our comfort zone like which language we can understand, whether the topic was understood or not.I feel good and I am correct by choosing Ennrich psychological support services.
Personal learning was not to give counseling to relation or friends and how to see the difficult situation in a psychological way and how we can understand the people in psychological way
And professional learning was know how to be a counsellor and how the counselling session is to be
Feeling like the right place I choose
Yes i would recommend the internship to program to other.


I want to spend the time use full for my internship session and i learn more In this 10days. very soft and good trainer. was easily understood in my mind. I am really happy for choosing ennrich psychological support services.  I learn how to talk to client and body language more... I am really very happy choosing this place, very helpful to Me. 


This is my first internship...I had learning everyday. Really a good friendly trainers and knowledgeable persons..the way their teachings are easy to understand...and the effort make us to listen us  and make us open up by their classes. The insights from the internship are...I've learnt lot things , improved my self confidence , gained knowledge about the counseling and psychology. Personally I learnt how to behave and how to think about every aspects in psychology field
Professionally I've learnt about the counseling psychology , core conditions, skills and steps how to apply in counseling. yes sure I'll recommend this internship to others.


I am very happy about the internships. I feel very thankful to the internship. The trainers are very good and patience . In Personal I am learned to be a calm person and in professional learned, how the conselling psychologist must be. In over all the 10 days  is must be a good learning in my profession.  Definitely I will recommend to other.


 Soft Skill Session Feedbacks 

"It's really Good and great tips. it was enjoyable. we learnt how to manage time with lots of events. Thank for  giving this ideas mam"

Emy Saral

"Thank you so much for giving us a thoughtful and inspiring session Ma'am"


Session was so good and very interactive. Really felt a peace of mind in this class in our hectic schedule. Thank you for giving such a nice and wonderful session. You are so amicable with us. Thank you


The class was very interesting. I can realize my goal. I know my goal but I do not know how to work on that. Now I got some idea about it, it gave clear way to achieve my goal. The session was really wonderful. Thank you for arranging this class for us. It will enhance our life

-Identity unrevealed-

The session on communication was very fun and informative. The instructor Srinidhi Ma'am, loved the way she made us understand of how communication works, basically loved the session

Preethi Rosaria

This is the first session of  yours  i have attended. it was very much interesting and informative. Though Communication is the major aspect we use daily , we may not be conscious about it all time. you have given a brief talk about that. Thank you so much mam. The time spent was 1005 usefull and enjoyable. Happy to have more sessions.

-Identity unrevealed-

" I really liked the tool you mentioned ma'am for the Time Management"


I really want to thank you with my whole hearted mam. Thank you for making us reflects on ourselves. Since I think it’s no the necessary once early. Later your session, I think we should give some separate time to think about ourselves and the questions which you asked was really useful mam and about this session. I loved it mam.

-Identity unrevealed-

I am just happy to open down that session was so good, it was flawless. It was like a little doodle to explore myself what I am today and how I am going to be in future. The session was obviously goal oriented and motivated me. Thank you for your time and work in our college mam. Very kind of you mam


This session is very interactive and useful to me. In this session I got to know about myself. I identified my goal. The class was very funny and I enjoyed it lot. I really got idea about my goal. Your communication is very good. Game session is very good and useful mam. Thank you mam for making this day useful to us mam

-Identity unrevealed-

This session was so useful for me. The way mam explains was very nice and it makes my mind not to be distracted. I can able to learn more about communication. Thank  you ma'am for spending your precious time with us 


" Thank you so much ma'am for sharing two techniques with us. It's really helpful"


Hi mam, seriously I loved and enjoyed this session, I think about my career like how to set goal. Your session is attractive and good. I also like to interact with people.  You have become my inspiration.

-Identity unrevealed-

The class was really good and it gave a clear idea that I can attain my goal. It has motivated for me and I have gained more confidences by attending this session. Thank you mam for this wonderful session.

Celciya Arokiadoss

I like this session because it gave me an idea/ pathway to set my goal. I already have goal but I do not know how to attain it. You showed how-to. That’s where I got inspired in this session. Thank you for this session

-Identity unrevealed-

It was a fun learning experiences with a lot of exciting activities.  It was a nice session to help us remind how we forget simple things that are really important in communication.


Juvenile life Skill Program Session Feedbacks

"balloon game helped me, was able to overcome my negative emotions. Problem solving ideas helped. Now i am aware of myself""

-identity kept confidential-

"All the activities were interesting, i am aware of my positive things. Learnt to overcome my emotions

-identity kept confidential-

Community College Students Feedback 

From the session I came to know that I love myself a lot.  I have learnt how to attain my goals which I desire and what methods are there to accomplish it. Thank you mam


I liked this class. It was very useful. I will surely follow the ideas shared in this session. You had good patience while conducting this session and it was wonderful which I admired. I will never forget this in my life. For guiding me I am thankful.  


Good life Community College Staff Feedback 

Thank you so much for your great session. My students enjoyed it, and at the same time, it was very useful for me. it is a very essential topic for us, this is useful for them and professionally also.

Staff of Good Life Community College

Social Work Students Feedback 

I was expecting the session more of a seminar, more like one-way communication but surprisingly it was interactive, fun and more knowledgeable. Even though we know the basics of communication, we learnt about it professionally

 Nithya Priya

The session was interesting as it was not passive. The games in between the sessions alerted people. The trainer is professional and casual at the same time made us connect with the trainer more. 


The trainer was very nice and informative. She kept the class very lively. I gained some better insight on how important communication is, as well as the different types and techniques on how to effectively communicate 


The fieldwork that took place today was amazing with games, origami making and interactive sessions. The trainer’s communication is perfect. Her way of expressing the topic communication will be very helpful in future and in the field. It was a great experience. Very useful and thought-provoking sessions

Jemima Sharonaiya

The communication skill that the trainer has is really good and it's the reason why no one slept in the session. This session was very interactive and energetic. every activity is fun and enjoyable. 


It was a very lovely session! admired the creativity the most, it was more like awakening our senses and helped us understand a lot about our day-to-day activities. I found it useful. 

Jricia Miriam

It was a very useful session and am happy about the trainer of this session, she took this session in a very happy and positive manner, and it was completely fun. the whole time.  the trainer's thoughts over the session were very expressive. I was able to seek more knowledge on it.  Happy and overwhelmed to be in this session and to interact with the trainer. Hope you have the session again. Thank you


The session was nice, I know about communication but today I learnt that my communication should be clear, it should reach the receiver correctly, really, it was very useful, personally, it was very useful for me.


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