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Relax. Refresh. Recharge.

Calm Yourself Program offers you help to relax, manage your stress, and enhance your overall mental health. The relaxation process is through art and mindfulness techniques, you can learn to be more present at the moment and heal your inner self.
We are here to support you every step of the way.

Its an Online Relaxation program where you can heal from your comfort zone.


                                                                                     Express &  Heal        


  Everyone can create                                                                

We understand you're often

  • Stressed and tired 

  • Feeling empty at times 

  • Struggling to overcome self defeating beliefs and unhealthy patterns 

  • Poor self-care 

  • Unable to love self 

We can help you 

  • Pass your emotions and help you learn to express yourself to gain clarity

  • Make meaning of our life

  • Own yourself

  • Focus on mindfulness 

  • Boost self-love and self acceptance 

  • Untie your limiting beliefs 


                                            Art of creating is  reward    

Express yourself with

Mandala with watercolor leaves and flowe

Art for Relaxation 

Relaxation through art can bring peace and joy to your life. We offer a variety of art relaxation methods such as Drawing, Mandalas, Painting,  Music and Meditation.


Explore New 

Explore with unfamiliar art relaxation methods to explore your unfamiliar self. 


Art for Self Development 

Self Development sessions through various art forms. These art forms help you unlock your potentials personally and professionally. Art helps you find the best version of yourself.


Learn Journalizing

An art journal is a great way to express your feelings and thoughts in a creative and therapeutic way. It can help you gain meaningful outlet for self-expression. It helps in reducing stress and creates a personal space for self work.


Art for Self Healing

Self healing sessions encourage you to find self-expression through art-making and to gain insight into your feelings and experiences. 


Art for Juniors 

Art exercises to improve fine motor skills, helps improve language development, build identity and personality and enhance life and Social Skills. 

How can I select the Package ?

Select based on your interest or if not sure, please Contact our Therapeutic Art life Coach to find the right one for you.  

How can I join the Calm Yourself Relaxation Online Session ?  

Let's Explore the Inner-self  through

therapeutic Artforms and learn to Self Love

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