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As students, we would have explored to seek inspiration, support, or guidance. “Children are like clay in potter's hands”. We, as Teachers and Professional, can mould them in the fruitful direction of life.

In students' lives each and every day, they come across  Frustration due to the lack of applied knowledge, skills, morals and values.  It is necessary to help them overcome their challenges for making an empowered individual.

We provide Life Skills Programs that supports the demands and challenges of lives. We help kids acquire and enhance Life Skills that help them empower on their grounds such as becoming confident, high level of emotional intelligence, effective communication, healthy social relationships, live more independently. It's a holistic development program striving to promote  and  improve mental health.

The program is designed based on skills mentioned by WHO. We Focus on Skills such as Self-Awareness, Emotional Management, Interpersonal, Effective Communication, Critical Thinking, Decision making and Problem Solving  and Logical Reasoning.


It's more of facilitating rather than teaching. We approach scaffolding methods to offer support and help them learn and develop new concepts and skills. We provide customisation based on your concerns about your child's development. Sessions are designed with games, storytelling, group discussions, reflective conversations, roleplay and worksheets.


Our Packages

1 Month

8 session - 2 session per week

2 Months

16 session - 2 sessions per week 

3 Months

24 session - 2 session per week

Age 5 to 13

Physical Session & Online is Available 

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