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Life Skills Training

As Children, we would have explored to seek inspiration, support, or guidance. “Children are like clay in potter's hands”. We, as Parents, Teachers and Professional, can mold them in the fruitful direction of life.

In students' lives each and every day, they come across  Frustration due to the lack of applied knowledge, skills, morals and values.  It is necessary to help them overcome their challenges for making an empowered individual.

We provide Life Skills Programs that supports the demands and challenges of lives. We help kids acquire and enhance Life Skills that help them empower on their grounds such as becoming confident, high level of emotional intelligence, effective communication, healthy social relationships, live more independently. It's a holistic development program striving to promote  and  improve mental health.


It's more of facilitating rather than teaching. We approach scaffolding methods to offer support and help them learn and develop new concepts and skills.  Sessions are designed with games, storytelling, group discussions, reflective conversations, roleplay and worksheets.

Trainings on Virtual Platform - mutually agreed on before the session

Who can join ? ​

  • Age 10+ 

Life Skills We Focus on


Human Values

We understand the importance of teaching moral values to our youth. We provide a variety of services to help instill basic human values such as respect, responsibility, and integrity. Our team of experts will help young people develop a strong moral compass that will guide them in making good decisions and living a better life.



Interpersonal Communication Training will help kids hone the skills they need to effectively communicate with others. We will teach them how to be an effective listener, how to use non-verbal communication to express themselves.


Self Awareness

Self Awareness helps Children gain a better understanding of themselves.  We help them recognizing their strengths and weaknesses, kids  can learn to identify their goals and work towards achieving them. 


Emotional Management

We teach children how to cope with their feelings and manage stress in a healthy way. Our experienced therapists use age-appropriate techniques to help children develop the skills they need to recognize and express their emotions in healthy ways.

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Goal Setting 

We teach children the essential skill of goal setting. We helps children learn how to set realistic and achievable goals and how to stay motivated to reach them. We aim to give children the tools they need to set and achieve their goals.


Good Touch & Bad Touch

Good touch & Bad Touch is an important life skill that teaches children the difference between appropriate physical contact and inappropriate physical contact. Our program offers interactive, age-appropriate activities that help children to recognize and understand the boundaries of safe and respectful physical contact. We also provide resources and guidance for parents to help their children understand and practice good touch & bad touch.


Logical Reasoning 

Logical Reasoning teaches children to think critically and solve problems using logic and reasoning. We break down complex concepts into simpler ones to help children understand the basics of logical thought. Our program helps children develop the skills they need to apply logical reasoning in their daily lives.


Memory Techniques 

Our Memory Techniques soft skill training teaches you how to remember and recall important information more quickly and easily. Our comprehensive program includes exercises and strategies that help you increase your memory capacity and make learning more effective. With our Memory Techniques soft skill training, you will be able to develop a sharper mind and better recall skills.


Digital hygiene 

Session equips children with the skills to achieve wellbeing in a digital world. Through interactive activities, we teach kids how to use technology in a healthy way, and how to reduce screen time and increase wellbeing. We provide a comprehensive approach to digital wellbeing, helping kids to live healthier lives.


Critical Thinking

The Session helps kids develop the ability to think clearly and rationally, understand the logical connections between ideas, and identify and assess arguments. We use a variety of techniques to kids learn and practice these skills, and equip them with the tools necessary to make informed decisions.


Interpersonal Relationships 

We helps children develop healthy relationships with others such as meaningful connections with friends, family members. 


Study Skills

Our Study Skills service provides comprehensive support to help students build the skills needed to succeed in school. Our experienced trainers provide personalized instruction to help students learn how to better manage their time, develop better note-taking strategies, and learn how to effectively read and comprehend course materials. With our Study Skills service, students will have the tools they need to reach their academic goals.

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