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Ennrich Psychological Support Services is an initiative of Psychologists whose vision is to bring harmony and positive changes in people's lives. Our work to provide professional care for various psychological needs.

A person understanding his or her abilities, able to cope with daily hassles of life, able to work productively and effectively and also able to contribute to his or her community is known as the healthy state of Mental Health. As human, we perhaps feel sad or anxious - maybe unsure about our future, or just feel that we aren't living the life we were meant to lead. Whatever your needs may be, we are here to offer support. A Psychological aid is a process of progress and self-discovery, and we promote holistic mental well being.  

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To Achieve multi-faceted professional mental health care services. 


  • Optimizing community awareness on mental health. 

  • Human resources capacity building by training to various working and educational sectors. 

  • Promote mental health care services through counselling and therapy.  

We do

Counselling to individual, couple and family, Psychological aid in Employee Engagement & Wellbeing Services for business organization, Psychological  Soft and life skill trainings  for students and young adults  and we also extend our services to NGOs as well. 

Our Clients 

Our clients include Educational Institutions, Mental Health Centers, Corporate and NGOs. We believe in ethical and systematic approach in counseling, therapy and training that brings a positive change in the lives

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